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Manifest Wellness Spa | McDonough, GA, USA

The Manifest Wellness Spa in McDonough, GA has a high frequency of Love from all levels that encompasses my being. My purpose is regenerate and restore all aspects of my mind, body and spirit. The reclining chairs made me feel as if I'm in a cloud when I received the Scalar Energy. The Infra Red Sauna released toxins and that evening my energy was so relaxed. In closing the Spa is top notch as I give it 1000 Stars . I'm thankful and grateful.

Feb 26, 2023


Aaron Potts

Humanergetic Therapies Clinic | Gold Coast, QLD, Australia Visit Center’s Website

I went along to the EESystem in December last year. I was excited for our appointments but not sure what to expect. We had 3 x 2 hours sessions over 3 days. I felt really relaxed during and after each session and this continued for about a month or so. What I found most interesting though was that my whole body, all muscles, ligaments and tendons felt like they had been lubricated with WD40!! My whole body could just move more smoothly which really surprised me. I would say that I am not really that in touch with my body and how I feel so this was pleasantly surprising. I am really looking forward to having more sessions. I truly feel this will change my life. I am especially looking forward to seeing if my asthma will change in the future and how my ability to play sport still at 46 will be positively impacted.

Feb 26, 2023


John Johnstone

Humanergetic Therapies Clinic
Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
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40+ years ago my big toe was broken in a motorbike accident and the Drs said they couldn’t do anything for me. I've been living with the pain and the discomfort of it off & on since then. In recent years I have had to modify my shoe to make it more comfortable for me to be able to walk around with less pain and also to dance. When it was particularly troublesome recently, it was very puffed up, swollen underneath, red and very sore; full of inflammation. I was starting to worry I might not be able to keep doing my rock'n'roll dancing because it was getting so bad. My chiropractor looked at it also and referred me back to a foot specialist. But the Drs said there was nothing to be done. Since my first two hours in a 12 unit EESystem, I came out of there and couldn’t believe I had no pain in my toe. Absolutely nothing! I could actually stand and press hard on my foot with all the weight into my big toe. I have never been able to do that since the motorbike accident without excruciating pain. All the pain was gone in my toe and even all the puffiness , redness and swelling was gone! I was amazed and it is still good 2 months later! I am absolutely thrilled.

Feb 25, 2023


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