Meet Pati and Tom



Pati is a transplant, as her birthplace is Mexico City. She has journeyed into many spiritual and holistic roads.  It started in her early twenties where she studied Tourism Management while enhancing her knowledge and interest in holistic health and the spiritual aspect of life.  

Since then, she graduated college and began mastering holistic approaches which include; Reiki, Meditation, Family Constellation, Neurolinguistic, and Numerology.  Continuing to learn over the last 30 years, she added, the use of Crystals, Flower Essence Therapy, Hebrew Pendulum, Kinesiology, Magnetism, Mayan Therapy, Sacred Geometry, and Nutrition, while practicing Yoga and meditation on a daily basis. 

Always working with-in her inner self, she continued discovering her purpose. Improving her life in all aspects, family, spiritual, and health, which is the blueprint for a healthy life. She knows that loving and appreciating this beautiful and alive planet earth, is essential. 

While expanding her knowledge she came across the website, and right away understood what her purpose was, to help others with her gifts and talents, and her 30 years’ experience.

Pati is a co-founder of Energetic Life, and she welcomes all that seek knowledge and help in any of field of her expertise.

Pati’s motto:  Create A Healthy Life Style, live a Loving LIFE, and being Grateful along the way, and that, is the secret to be happy.


Tom enjoys a myriad of experiences starting at the age of 19 when he first entered into the world of entrepreneurship. His first adventure was creating his Music Media Manufacturing and Distribution Business which he sold 4 years later. For the next 15 years he had a successful career in the computer industry, working his way to become the Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for a Fortune 500 Company.

His career path would take a sharp turn into Guest Satisfaction in the form of owning a 240 seat Theme Restaurant for over 20 years, and then into Hotel and Resort Management.


During his successful endeavors, he squeezed in a 9-year hiatus by living in Mexico, thinking that he retired.  It was in Mexico where he was able to experience alternative forms of medicine as well as explore many methods of healing.

He is an avid animal lover, always coming to the rescue of abandoned and/or strays, providing them with a second chance.  Tom’s selfish less personality extends over everything he does. 

He is the co-founder of Energetic Life and his sole purpose is assisting others with their journey to holistic healing and managing their health.


Services provided by Energetic Life Association and the EESystem technology, are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, physical, mental, or emotional condition, or to be a substitute for conventional medical services. If you have any concerns or conditions, you should consult your health care provider before and/or after using the EESystem technology.


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